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Use English language when you Blogging

From many Senior Blogger, they say that if you want to Blogging you must use english language. 
Why ?

Because :
  1. You Can not Succes if you use your Local Language (I mean Indonesian Language : Bahasa Indonesia), because your blog will not universal
  2. You Can Improve & Upgrade Your Ability in English,
    Ignore Structure & Formula about Right Rule in English Grammar
    because this focus were courage to write down in english
  3. The other country will understand what think in your Brain & Your Heart from simple sentence
And You don`t Know :
When the typing point of you , You Become The Great People From Blogging,
Use Free Blog As Blogspot.

and the good news is, we open class english training conversation in saturday night at myhome in semarang central java indonesia. this class is free- no charge. this project is my social responsibilty for others. 

I have inspiration from kampung borobudur jogja who have teach their students in english conversation without structure. and this morning i see the video ted about polyglot -learn and speak many language for one practition. 



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