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Long before the restrictions and lockdowns were imposed at the world level DR Iskandar many times and continued to repeat the message to sit still at home, -JUMENENG- away from sin, out of the house only when needed. Read more sholawat Nabi (Maulid Diba), read the translation of hikam and ihya ulumuddin. 

At that time I thought by translating that finished working outside the house, straight home, and not worth it, not walking around. It turns out that in 2021 this means even deeper is to work from home, have an income at home and actually live in the house. Entrepreneurship from home, finally I reopened the record ngaji With him, including a musalsal diploma that is often given during Eid al-Fitr / Eid al-Adha. 

Another main message from Him, cadre of children in boarding schools following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad and wali songo in Nusantara Indonesia. To prepare children to study in pesantren then prepare money Rp 1 billion as capital to buy books. Islamic sciences when studied then the human lifespan - the science can not all be read, studied. 


Keeping ourselves and their families from the potential for sin on the streets, how much sin do we get for seeing other people's nakedness on the streets without us accidentally. Want us to be guilty of seeing legs, calves, thighs, chest smells, hair that should be haraam for a muhrim to see? If we constantly see unwittingly that it is a sin then we feel fine sinning without us wanting. 

The house is a territorial boundary that we can control, anyone who can enter and should not, we need to keep the atmosphere of the house calm and peaceful, do not let the chaos into your home. Home becomes our savior from our physical, and emotional, spiritual threats. A form of safety that many people rarely realize is privacy. 

Emotional and Spiritual Health is a very important asset to the happiness and tranquility of our lives. We start by preserving our privacy, respecting our privacy, by being in the home so that we have the power to say no to potentials that could undermine the peace of our lives. The key is in the host's control. 


People used to have an answering machine to leave messages when a phone came in, so you have the control to enjoy being together with the kids without having to be distracted by answering the incoming phone. We have a reason not to answer the phone, for example when we want to be alone and not be disturbed.  

Even this time before people come to our house, they can make wa call/video call wa and don't need to go straight to our house without any agreement. If you want to chat, we can make a zoom meeting conference or through google meet on the laptop screen. Really now life is full of ease and choice / Limitations.   

We can control who can visit the house and what time of day, including limiting friends of children playing at home. This is not because you as an Antisocial being but the main goal is to create happiness in your hypnosis home. Do not let guests come in your important hours to perform your Happy rituals, e.g. prayer times, dhikr, read sholawat, read books or write books and hypnotherapy blogs, create youtube content public speaking digital marketing nlp.

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