1. Read 30 Munites a day (Book)
Great ideas are never going to intterupt you. They have to be pursued.If you let your learning lead to knowledge, you become a fool, if you let your learning lead to acations, theat when your live changes.

repetition is the mother of skills.

2. Everyday, feed and strengthen your body.
Courage doesn't mean you are not affraid, courage means you're affraid but you do it anyway. 
Transform your Body 
Develops a daily discipline. 
Train your mind, body connected. 

3. Get a role model
Financial : Sir Jhon Templeton 

4. Create a plan and take massive action 

5. Give more than your expect to receive, 
its not about me, it's About we. 
Your Problem are not permanent,
only your soul is permanent. 

Write a few words in English as an exercise. Waiting for the sweat to run out . Did you have a long and busy day today? Until you don't think about other things? You dissolve completely . I saw sellers of fried food, dumplings, meatballs, fried rice, lined up neatly outside doctor Heri's clinic, hungry patients lining up to buy waiting at the side prayer room.


At the Ngaliyan toll gate, a driver who was confused because his e-toll card had run out, approached me asking to borrow an e-toll card with the aim of Banyumanik. Ok, go ahead - don't pay me, Think of it as charity.  https://public-speaking.id

You must be great at one thing. Wisely use the word Even though Despite the Pandemic conditions, I saw miracles and good fortune, some wrote books and sold well on Tokopedia, some online shop sold well. Invited to speak and paid dearly, 

In any condition, there is always a success. Achieve the desired, and success does not achieve the target. There is no failure, only feedback. Connect to NLP Presupposition. It turns out that English writing practice is as easy as this. I've been practicing a few days and living on copy paste into the blog to be able to English articles. 

Seeing people who are grateful, I look for what the English language is, how to make herbal medicine, turmeric tamarind, selling it online, nothing in life is wasted, everything is useful. Thanks God, On gifts. grace and life, which You have given us. I am ready to live this life 100% useful and carry out a great mission on earth, I am ready to be your representative to be a blessing.

 Stop Complaints for Better Life 

   Did you ever read the book "Don't Sweat the small Staff," more tips to make your life better, far from stress, enjoy and happy live. 

Some people that wallowing in Suffering,. Their SUBCONSCIOUS mind sabotage to keep their in suffering state, although them come into Hipnoterapist, without realizing they resistent to healer with many ways. 

Not to easy, to make them aware about this Suffering and wallowing. This pattern of not intterups Will repeat to their live, Suffering, poor, unhappy and broke, no love, alone, etc megative emotions. 

The simple ways are aware that they need help to transform their live. They need to teachable, in hypnosis Mr Yan Nurindra (The Indonesian Hypnotherapy Father)  call Hypnotic Training. And ITS work to Induction client into Alfa theta wave (hypnosis state). 

They Call it Un-logic 

If we are facing the problem people who not ready to transform (change) their life, they Will resistent and rejected the help. 

Like the person that believe the doctor, than the witch doctor. Each Helper give fools suggest - the problem people see "who that said," 

Often, in my case Hypnotherapy and Coaching,  I use filter like expensive pay and difficult call to meet, to know how strong their commitment to healer. Some Times i direct them to transfer money into my bank Account, if they do, this is sign that they are ready to self  Transformation. 


   Oh, I remember from yesterday to write one paragraf in english in this hypnosis blog. The Aplication leraning english with hypnotist called Hypno-English. Different from the perception of people, making student sleep with sugession and then give them direct sugession, "today, tomorrow and forever you becoming english public speaker fluently,". 

Hypno english is learning process mastery english language, from speaking, writing, reading etc, all about english. I think te number one is speaking and conversation in english more important, first target before people writing like this - with structure and grammar. Except adding vocabulary. less than 1.500 words so people can speaking flow and enjoy, understoodly. 

I saw many video in youtube discussing about how to mastering speaking english free, day bay day, one day one tutorial, but the bad news is more video make us confuse, how we know can start adn choose from fisrt video, whose and what video, to many tutor, native. But the good news, we can start from any video, put book and pen and write down the lesson, share to blog like this.

I have dream to builts my blog in english, and the reason is monetize adsense blog to American and English Reader (Global Market), the effort that difficult i did in last years when i Still Studied in Sekolah Tinggi Teknik YPM (Umaha Sidoarjo East Java).    If you found many writing error in my sentence, you can correct in my WhatsApp / My phone number. And I will Appreciate it.  



   I know that not easy to write in English About Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, but I feel Chalenged to prove that I have skill to write down and share about my experience with Mind Programming, Neeuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Coaching, Public Speaking and Digital Marketing, Training. 

I life in Semarang Center Java Indonesia but my article penetrate world and read by people around the world. Its My first Mission, number two I want to know how many traffic will come if i use english than I use Bahasa Indonesia - only hundred views per day. The expert SEO From Iran Says that he can reach 300.000/month from original article. 

 This is my first post and i am on progress self learning english from internet - google and youtube. I dont know the result of this project, but i have imagination, visualitation, my transformation from this process. The idea come from searching online data that woman hypnotherapist California opening service by Online therapy, and reach more client from all the world. 

JUST Telling My Dayli Activity as Hypnotherapist 

   Last night I get WA Call from woman in my city, She Tell that her son was married and have the problem with his wife. The problem is about disfunction erection, The Mother told that they have been visited the doctor, no problem with his physical/ body, its related with his mind programming and doctor adviced to visit hypnotherapist Semarang. 

The other problem is the mother doesnt undertand "what is hypnotherapy?" SO I tell her that therapy using hipnosis, fasilitating by Master Hypnotist. Before Therapy is done, her son need to educated about hypnosis, conscoius mind, sub conscious mind, mind programming, beliefe, value and assesment into coaching, and we will teach her son Self Hypnosis. 

All Hypnosis is self hypnosis, All Healing is Self Healing. Finally She said will discuss with her son, yes or not, she will call again. From my experience, when client said like that, its signal to cancell, not continuing to hypnotherapy. The Succesfull Key Hypnotherapy is from the biggest strong will the client, there is a strong drive whitin him. 


  I will open again about book of hypnotherapy, english literature, to support my blog, my article, and my writing skill. 

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Coach Trainer Hypnotherapist 

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